By Rich Shapero
I first saw EVB's paintings in 2003. I found them mysterious and evocative, and full of energy. The more I looked at them, the more they expanded
beyond the borders of the frame. They seemed to carry with them a complex history, as if they were glimpses of a world distant from our own. Many appeared to depict an event—on land, underwater, or in deep space—drawn from some alien cosmogony. The paintings were relatively inexpensive, so I purchased a few. A couple of years later, I purchased a few more. And a few more. I loved the places they took me and the power they had to stimulate my imagination. Finally, my enthusiasm for the paintings reached the point that I wanted to share them. So, in May, 2009, we launched more


We are interested in obtaining images of Eugene Von Bruenchenhein’s paintings, along with whatever documentation and anecdotal information may be available. If you own an EVB painting, please consider providing us a photo. We continue to add paintings to the Collection archive, so if a painting is changing hands, we may have an interest. contact us

“Visionary Art is condemned
to be an art of things seen briefly
and uncertainly. It is limited to extrapolating from what we know concretely, to what is sensed
vaguely and dimly.” — RICH SHAPERO

Untitled, EVB 778